A Resolution by any other name…

Today, the last day of the year, is the day that women everywhere reflect on the last twelve months of their own life. And well, that of their men’s lives. Women desire improvement for themselves and for other women. We care far too much about what other women think. Mostly because women are the worst, but more on that later.

This past weekend we went up to San Francisco (about a 30 minute drive from where I live now). While standing on the Golden Gate bridge looking out at this great city, I reflected on my life, the last 12 months, the last 29 years, but mostly the decisions that lead to my husband and me moving just outside of one of the most expensive, but culturally rich cities in America. Do I love spending 3-4x the amount we used to on rent, no; but have I loved this California adventure, yes! Besides I get to see this amazing view and eat at Mac’d – the best gourmet Mac and Cheese restaurant ever – whenever I want!!

A view of San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge!

Now Back to my end of the year reflections:

Men on the other hand seem content with who they already are. Not that they do not desire to better themselves, but rather that they seem to have a better starting self-esteem to move forward from, and don’t care what the thousands of women they encounter yearly think (like women do), they only care about the few important women in their lives. However, women tend to take it upon themselves to “fix” or change the men in their lives.

This action typically creates a greater resistance; which could have otherwise been avoided if men had been left to their own human instinct of wanting to better themselves, without the excess nagging. Yet, as the new year approaches, I find myself making New Year’s Resolutions for my husband while forcing the pen into his hand. Demanding him to sign his life away for the next 12 months, with threat of extreme annoyance from me if he breaks a single one; while I know full well that I will break my own resolutions by February.

Most individuals, men and women, just need a gentle shove in the right direction. Which will cause their own ambitions will kick-in and they can determine for themselves the best way to improve in the following year.

My husband’s single friend with us for a few days just after Christmas, and I noticed a comfortableness, with a hint of complacency. This complacency made said friend feel no need to change his lifestyle. You see, he works from home and does not see many people in an average day or week. He’s content with where he is at and probably will continue his life in the same manner unless something happens to change that.  The desire to change most often comes when we find ourselves in the realm of the uncomfortable.

So I, in my state of discomfort with my current progression and a self shove in the right direction, set some resolutions. To accomplish, it then requires perseverance and reaffirmation throughout the year to keeps a person on track.

Now a quick word on resolutions: A resolution is, after-all, more than a simple goal. A goal is something you hope to achieve, but a resolution is, rather, a “firm decision to do or not do something with a determination.” Therefore, we tend to throw around the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” in too casual a fashion. Hastily assuming that all goals made between December 25th  and January 2nd of the follow year are resolution, not just goals.

How many people do you know who write a rather ambitious list of New Year’s Resolutions they intend to keep, but do not? Maybe it’s the same list they wrote last year and the year before. Then within days or weeks, perhaps as much as a month or two the creator falls back into old habits of doing or not doing the things they originally promised.

The old adage from one wise Jedi Master “Do or do not. There is no try.” comes to mind. I must pick marks I can reach or not make such lofty goals for 2019 if I am to call them resolutions!

And so as I leave 2018 behind, I also prepare to leave behind my 20s, and this year I plan to resolute with much more practicality than years previous. Only making resolutions that are within my power to control and that I intend to keep. But this is all just one woman’s opinion!

Resolutions for 2019

  1. Find happiness daily
  2. Shrink my carbon footprint/Become less wasteful
  3. Stay within my budget every month of 2019
  4. Blog 2-4x or more a month

Just for kicks I thought I would throw in a couple goals too!!


  1. Reach pre-marriage weight of ~140 lbs by May 1st
  2. Travel to at least two places on my bucket list
  3. Write at least 50% of the novel I am working on
  4. Clean my house spotless once a month!

For resolution updates check back in throughout the year.

Happy New Year everyone! If you want extra support for your own resolutions or goals, I’m not picky, comment them below so we can help each other accomplish great things in 2019.

Desire (N.): A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

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